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Ranking BPEL Processes for Service Discovery - Semantic Scholar

Fernandes , Djamel Fawzi Hadj Sadok. Citation Statistics 72 Citations 0 10 20 '10 '12 '14 '16 ' Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has 72 citations based on the available data. See our FAQ for additional information. References Publications referenced by this paper. Showing of 48 references. To do so, we reduce the problem of behavioral matching to a graph matching problem and adapt existing algorithms for this purpose. To validate our approach, we developed a BPEL ranking platform that allows to find in a service repository, a set of service candidates satisfying user requirements, and then, to rank these candidates using a behavioral-based similarity measure.

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Web services, services retrieval, behavioral matching, BPEL processes ranking. Then, we propose a greedy heuristics-based graph reduction approach to recursively find such patterns. In this way, the resulting workflow is with maximized concurrency and its block-structuredness approximates optimality. We show the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach with real-world scientific workflows. In general, measures based on correspondence between nodes and edges in the process model [4][5] do not take into account any information about the order of activities; however, they are simple and fast at computing the similarity between process models [3].

Measures based on graph edit distances [5][6] [7] focus on the process model structure and are recommended for applications that measure the conformance between process models, as well as measures that analyze causal dependencies between activities [5] [8] and take into account the indirect transitions between activities.

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In this context, we consider that similarity measures can be applied to process models to support trace clustering. Combining Process Mining with Trace Clustering: Nowadays, BP retrieval techniques can be classified according to the BP properties in four levels: H keyword matching Attributes: Number of attributes depends on non-functional qualitative parameters which act as function arguments for that service.

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Architecture and performance based comparison of semantic web service processes. The Semantic Web is a compilation of various technologies designed to work together.

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Research on Semantic Web proposes to advance individual web services or technologies to integrate them to promote rapid development of semantic web services as flexible changes are occurring. Diverse methods are considered in order to construct systematic composition of services.

The intent of paper is to differentiate various web service based composition approaches like discovery, selection and ontology mapping at end user level to provide high level web services. The integration of semantics in web service cycle addresses the variety of critical issues in reuse, integration and scalability. The different approaches are comparable on the basis of three parameters costs, computational overhead, accuracy and performance index.

The computed results are shown in graphical form. With the increasing use of business process model management techniques, a large number of business process models are being developed in the industry, so the corresponding enterprises and organizations usually need to maintain a large business process set.

An approach is presented based on the Meta-model for process model registration MFI-5 to accurately measure the similarity of process models.

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At last, the Tanimoto Coefficient-based algorithm is utilized to calculate the similarity between any two vectors, the similarity measure matrix of the BPMN models can be extracted. We illustrate the approach in the context of measuring the similarity of the online sales service processes, the result of which shows that the proposed approach can facilitate business process recommendation. Big Data Services Requirements Analysis. The development of the Internet and cloud computing has set up a matured environment for developing and deploying big data services. Major objectives may include: In this paper, we propose a big data service requirements analysis framework, which aims to provide useful guidelines for eliciting service requirements, selecting the right services architectures and evaluate the available technological services implementations.

Example cases from eHealth and industry 4. A method towards process similarity measurement according to constrained traces.

Process models play an important role in modern information systems and in service-based applications. Given the sizes of current process model repositories, there is a critical need for techniques allowing to retrieve process models fulfilling user needs.