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Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age . We know for a fact that the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere has not.

However, one netizen posted that the truth behind the incident was that Hyoyeon tried to commit suicide because she was being bullied by Girls' Generation. If you really know about Hyoyeon's personality, you'd know these rumors aren't true. In my opinion, I think people's imaginations were just running wild. Hyoyeon is actually very nice, and she makes the atmosphere great with her splendid personality. She's also very close with the members [of Girls Generation] as if they are her family. She's someone who smiles all the time, spends happy moments with her family, friends, and dog.

She's the type that doesn't pay attention to rumors. Every time she's misunderstood, she optimistically says, 'I'll just have to do better. I just have to work harder and show a good image,'" Kim Jun Hyung shared. The year age gap didn't become a hindrance for the two to develop deeper feelings for each other. When they dated, the couple would spent time getting into sports. Furthermore, they developed a strong bond because that two are both Catholics.

To confirm this, Kim Jun Hyun said, "We didn't break up because of that incident. After that, we decided it would be best if we were just oppa-dongsaeng. We would just share meals with other friends. And these are not the only pictures by the way. She took a bunch with a lot of her friends in HK. Yes, a backstage pic is on his instagram. Its like Princess Fiona and Prince Charming but this guy doesn't seem like a douche bag. Woa it kinda feels like he is some kind of prince!

They look so cute together!

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I was a bit surprised that netizens are so supportive about it, maybe if it was yoona they wouldn't be! He seems too good to be true!!

Kim Jun Hyung Finally Opens Up About April Fool's Incident With Hyoyeon

If Hyoyeon is dating him and if he's a gr8 guy at heart too then im so happy for her. She my fav SNSD member. More Hyo in Thailand. Girl is living it up http: Is she the first in Soshi to publicly be dating? Finally we see a SNSD member with a nice guy.

The other member have horrible taste by being with ugly and cocky dudes like Leeteuk and Taecyeon eww You go,Hyo. Yeah, but Nichkhun is nothing if we compare him to Hyoyeon's boyfriend lol. Would they really be this open about it, i don't think so, they could hide so easily. If it is true, I'm happy. Hyoyeon hit the jackpot.

If they really are a couple I'm so envious LOL. Besides, this kind of scene happened in drama kekeke seems like drama isn't always false at all. I was looking up this dude and he posted his bbm pin on his page lool go hit him up. I believe that part about the guy's education but the second part sound like something a fan made up out of thin air. Receipts or it didn't happen XD. Well Hyoyeon has been my bias long long time so I am happy for her whether she is dating him or they are just friends it doesn't matter he seems like nice guy and I am happy that Hyoyeon is close with nice people.

Omg the article is pretty interesting. Lol, guess Thailand isn't so bad? And I guess he produces music videos for Samsung? That would be a really odd couple. Hyoyeon likes to dance and he has a fucked up leg. I am a huge Hyoyeon fan and I am more than happy for her!

She deserves all the happiness! He sounds like a fantastic person.

Kim Jun Hyung, ex-boyfriend of Hyoyeon, speaks the truth | Koogle TV

Random question that doesn't actually matter much but uh There's 5 of them Bet they wouldnt be as all for it if it was confirmed evidence for taeyeon. I'll wait for her to confirm it, but if she is dating him then I'm not that surprised that she's the first to be in a relationship. Guys like outgoing girls like her more then anything. Orrr maybe it's to cover the relationship?

Some fans have been leaving comments about Hyo on his insta from few days ago. Idk, I'm more suspicious of how their Thai friends only tagged him when they took a pic with Hyoyeon even though there are few others Koreans on the clique too.. I just don't wont to be too hopeful. Try to perfect yourself 1st.. Along the way you will find one. I mean, they could be just friends vacationing together What I find more interesting are the pictures. But both fandoms decide to keep it secret for obvious reasons.

In that last picture, that guy who is known to be a friend of JYJ is also in there. I thought the same thing. I don't even know where to start with how amazing he sounds. If he does exist, I need one just like him. I don;t mind her to be dating since she's not that famous among the members.. How do you know this?

I hope it's true.

Kim Jun Hyung, ex-boyfriend of Hyoyeon, speaks the truth

I need to see more idols with significant others. Even if she was in a relationship, I'm pretty sure it's with someone else. This guy is just too good for her. He's on par with Sunye's James lol. Don't assume that they never date because they're not appearing on news. They're young girls in the prime of their lives if you HAVE to hope they're dating cause otherwise they'd be missing out on their youth. The guy sound perfect, i hope it is true. Her happiness is what matters. But Hyoyeon is 24 yo and with background like that I'd say get that d Hyo. I have to say it, fuck Eunhyuk this is a man Hyo truly deserves.

Oh god this site has been infested by sones!!

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Take your never-ending delusions back to your own forum! The dude is obviously way out of her league. She's not even that pretty. I think he mean expense wise since that would be like 2k per trip more if flies 1st class, which he probably does. Hyoyeon coz there are many occasions where they are together.. The guy in black hoodie and hat is the one rumored with Hyoyeon. Holy crap looking at that 'So who is this guy? Why do some of you always use that as a backfire?

It's like me saying that Hyoyeon can't sing which no one can't deny , but then some butthurt, delusional fans will tell me that I'm just "some jealous fat chick behind that computer. And I'm not fat.

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But thanks for trying to figure me out? That guy's like a Irie Naoki in real life!