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Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age . We know for a fact that the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere has not.

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No, it's always Italians who get in touch. Italians are rubbish at casual sex; they always want to go to dinner. Meanwhile, America is grappling with a different aspect of "hookup culture". The moral panic over sluttish young women engaging in no-strings-attached dalliances had been simmering for some time, but it was exacerbated last summer with the release of a book that was apocalyptically titled The End of Sex: How Hookup Culture is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled, and Confused About Intimacy speak for yourself, mate.

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The myth that women are unable to cope with sexual liaisons in which deep emotion is absent, that we crave love and tenderness in all encounters, is a deeply rooted one. I'd suggest that the religious right, with its strange notions regarding purity, has more than a passing interest in perpetuating it.

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Now, though, science is chipping away at its supposed justifications by finding that women's sexual appetites could actually be more voracious and more varied than men's. Indeed, a study quoted by US author Daniel Bergner apparently showed that, unlike heterosexual men who were aroused only by images of women , women got the horn no matter who they were watching going at it. And that includes monkeys.

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However, the very existence of the summer's dubious "sex trend" is now being undermined. Professor Monto of the University of Portland, Oregon said: "I was alive during the s, and it doesn't seem all that different.

Jordan Peterson: Hookup Culture & Consent

Indeed, in this austerity era of drainpipe jeans and royalist hagiography, the only real difference to be perceived between now and the 80s is that we have texting. We know the presence of a mobile phone to be catnip to trend-piece journalists, and indeed, the glut of coverage that new app Tinder has received bears this out.

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Tinder is a straight person's Grindr , allowing one to peruse local hotties for the purposes of meeting up and bonking. Just what the uptake will be, or the impact, if any, on British sexual mores, is anyone's guess, but it is one of many pieces of software that now claim to be able to mediate your sex life another, entitled Spreadsheets , hilariously claims that it can measure your sexual prowess by monitoring "thrusts per minute".

Even Guardian Soulmates , this newspaper's own dating service, which ranks users' profiles by their fluctuating popularity, can serve as a marketplace for those sexually rather than romantically inclined a friend recently boasted me that she had "bedded the guy who was No 3".

Ignoring for a moment the presence of this technology, we have to ask ourselves whether, as a society, reaching our sexual peak in the s is really such a good thing. Did our progress halt a mere 20 years after the sexual revolution?

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If so, our stalling seems to have taken place around the same time that pornography, that great liberator of women, exploded into the mainstream. Meanwhile, an explicit picture showing a young woman administering oral sex to a man at a festival went viral on Twitter this week, with users condemning in depressingly predictable terms the girl as a "slut" and the young man, you guessed it, a "lad". Fear of commitment is a common concern, as is fear of attaching any type of label to a relationship. If that is the case though, when was the last time you heard about two students going out on a real date?

Orenstein uncovers pain of girls’ hook-up culture

Herein lies our obsession with quantifying relationships compounded with our fear of labels, and why it all becomes so murky and convoluted. Sex, in all its many manifestations, and relationships with all of their complications and nuances, can be extremely diverse. Trying to broaden an individual experience is impossible, and doing so also creates anxieties and pressures. It establishes an assumed norm that students feel like they either have to keep up with, or are missing out on. Sex positivity is great, and an open dialogue surrounding sex can be productive, but can also lead to generalizing language, apprehensions, unrealistic expectations, and warped perceptions.

Some of us are comfortable with casual sex, some of us prefer monogamy.