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Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age . We know for a fact that the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere has not.

Leaked document shows Google's plans for its censored search engine in China

In theory, that means if a blacklisted word is searched for, Dragonfly would have a record not only of the search, but the phone used to make it. The Chinese authorities could then choose to follow up or actively monitor the individual more closely if they so wished.

Cynthia Wong, senior internet researcher with Human Rights Watch, commented "This is very problematic from a privacy point of view, because it would allow far more detailed tracking and profiling of people's behavior Linking searches to a phone number would make it much harder for people to avoid the kind of overreaching government surveillance that is pervasive in China.

Although Dragonfly is a Google service using its search tech, Google wouldn't be running the service directly. Instead, the more common practice of working with a Chinese partner company would be employed. That company would be tasked with ensuring Dragonfly continued to follow government guidelines and the latest blacklists.

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There is precedent to Google bowing to public pressure. Between and , Google actually ran a censored version of its search engine in China. Facing heat from activists and even the U.

Google has also undergone changes as a company, with its new CEO Pichai leading the charge to once again get a foothold in the country. But the story isn't over.

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Dragonfly: Western energy sector targeted by sophisticated attack group

In a blog post announcing that decision, Google wrote that "attempts over the last year to further limit free speech on the web in China" had led to its move. As Poulson now points out, it appears that Google has done an about-face and is moving to fill those censorship shoes.

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Clearly, Poulson believes his demand for corporate accountability is a step toward getting those answers. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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